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Best Acrylic Paints 2022: We take a quick look at some of the choices available

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

As with everything these days, there's a huge choice of acrylic paint out there, with a wide range of prices. We’ve compiled this quick guide to help you pick out the best acrylic paint based on your particular needs.

Prices not included as these may change from time of publication. Up to date pricing available by clicking the relevant link.

1.Crafts 4 All - Acrylic Paint Set

This particular set contains 24 acrylic paints, suitable for canvas, wood, ceramic and fabric.

They're formulated with a non-toxic composition, and produce vivid, long-lasting colours that dry fast. There's no denying these are certainly more of your entry level paints, but the brand claims they have a premium consistency, and are perfect for blending, layering, and creating texture, while producing a wide spectrum of shades and hues.

For us, whenever we're looking to try out a new product for the first time, our go to is always the review section. This particular set has a crazy amount of reviews, and (at the time of writing) has a very respectful 5 star rating of 75%.

If you dig deeper into the reviews, the recurring themes of the comments that have been left are that these paints are well packaged, easy to use and offer good value for money.

Verdict: For a set of entry level acrylic paints, you won't go too far wrong with this set.

2. Kolor Kingdom - 24 Colour Paint Set

This set again contains 24 acrylic paints, along with 3 brushes.

At the time of writing, they're also Amazon's Choice for 'acrylic paints'.

Again, perhaps these are more of your entry level paints, but Kolor claim they are versatile enough for most art and craft techniques, and suitable for painting on most surfaces, including canvas, paper, wood, fabric, leather, cardboard and MDF.

The colours included in this set are vibrant and bold, and Kolor state their thick consistency and high pigment count offer great covering power for large areas and fine details. These paints are designed to retain their vibrant colors and are resistant to fading from light exposure.

A scan of the reviews would again suggest customers who have purchased these paints have for the most part been very satisfied with their decision. Some of the standout comments include that customers were very happy with the price vs the quality of the paints, that it's a great set for beginners, and that the paints blend beautifully.

Verdict: Another excellent option for beginners and if you're looking for value for money.

3. Winsor & Newton - Galeria Acrylic - 10x60ml Tube Set

Winsor & Newton have a great heritage as an art supplier, and the name carries a certain expectation of quality, along with a higher point.

As you'd expect from this brand, these are high quality paints and deliver professional results. The Galeria range uses either the same pigments as the professional range or a similar pigment in a lower concentration. This makes them easy to use in combination with - or as a transition to - 'artists' grade when a wider choice or higher pigment strength is needed.

These paints offer an even satin finish, and an excellent depth of colour. Matte or gloss finishes can easily be created by adding the appropriate Galeria medium.

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive for this product, with 81% of reviewers giving these paints 5 stars (at the time of writing). Praises include that they mix perfectly and apply well to multiple surfaces, and that they offer excellent coverage.

Verdict: Although a little pricier, there's no denying if you're looking for something a little bit more premium then these paints could be a great choice.

4. Fantastory - 24 Colour Acrylic Paint Set

We like that these paints come in easy to squeeze tubes, and again come with 3 free brushes, useful if you're just starting out.

These paints again come in at a higher price point than the first 2 products included in this list, but the manufacturer promise a creamy consistency and high pigments that offer great covering power for large areas and fine details. Due to the highly pigmented colours Fantastory advise these paints are great to produce true, consistent shades, and as such are ideal for professional artists, young aspiring artists, and painting lovers alike.

The clarity and brilliance of the paints allow for superb colour mixing to provide a bigger colour palette of shades and tones. Fantastory also suggest their paints should be suitable for most surfaces, including canvas, wood, rocks, glass, stone, and ceramics.

Yet again the reviews are very respectable for this product, with 76% giving the paints a 5 star rating, and only 2% leaving either a 1 or 2 star rating or review. The takeaways from reading the reviews are that the vast majority agree that these paints offer great value for money, providing a nice even coverage with a good range of colours on offer.

Verdict: Another slightly dearer option, but with the higher price tag comes a step up in quality that most customers are delighted with.

5. Chalcola - 32 Acrylic Paint kit (22ml)

Chalcola aim to make premium yet affordable art supplies so that whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist you’ll find something in their ever-growing product range that's suitable for your needs.

This is a versatile paint set and can be used as ceramic paint, clay paint, for rock painting, glass painting, plastic, wooden crafts or of course on canvas. They've also got some fun and vibrant tutorial videos on their Amazon listing which is a nice touch.

80% of reviewers gave these paints a 5 star rating, and just like the Fantastory product, only 2% left a negative 1 or 2 star review. Many customers commented that these particular paints were easy to use for kids, and offered a great choice of colours.

Verdict: This product sits somewhere between the cheaper options and the slightly more premium offerings, making it a great choice for people who are looking for something with a little bit more quality, but not wanting to spend too much.

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